MEP, Javier Zarzalejos, participated last Saturday, March 4, in the day ‘European Dialogues’, organized by the Parliamentary Group of the European People’s Party and the Basque People’s Party, which was held in Vitoria, and which addressed current issues for the Basque Country such as agriculture, the situation of the primary sector and infrastructure or digitization.

Zarzalejos assured during the closing of the conference that “in Europe, sex offenders are not set free, nor is embezzlement reduced, nor is the protection of the Constitution dismantled. None of that is Europe”. “We suffer a Government that has decided that its electoral fate depends on governing not only for half of the country but against the other half”, denounced the MEP.

In his opinion, Spaniards “have a lot to say but above all we have a lot to listen to: to businessmen, families, young people, workers”.

Zarzalejos stressed that “there is no precedent of a government that from the Council of Ministers insults Judges, State institutions, media and journalists, businessmen and European institutions when they object to its policies are not interested in how the funds are being managed”. “Our country needs to be listened to”, he concluded.

Javier Zarzalejos closed the day together with the president of the Popular Party of the Basque Country, Carlos Iturgaiz. Two round tables were held with the participation of the MEPs Juan Ignacio Zoido and Pablo Arias, together with the former Minister Isabel García Tejerina and experts and members of the Popular Party of the Basque Country.